Services We Now Offer:
Chinese Herbal Medicine prescriptions and delivery as well as guided video Instruction of:
  • Self Moxa instruction

  • Self TuiNa massage instruction

  • self guasha instruction

  • Self accupressure lessons for your condition.

  • qi gong lessons via video

  • dietary advice

- Televisit or phone consult
with Herbal Consultation plus 1 week supply of herbs
- Televisit or phone consult
with Herbal Consultation plus 2 week supply of herbs
- Video guided 1on1 lessons without herbal consultations. By 1/2 hr increments.
- Late cancellation fee
(Please note our cancellation
policy requires 24 hour
minimum notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment.)

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SF Bay Acupuncture 

keeps Electronic Health Records (EHR) and offers HIPPA compliant televisits services


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 Herbal Consult televisits 30min-45min

In providing you a herbal consult, Rodney Artiles L.Ac. sits down with you by email, phone or face to face via hippa compliant video chat to listen to your health concerns, diagnose you, and prescribe a treatment plan including herbal medicine, lifestyle and dietary changes aimed at guiding you back to health. Cost of delivered herbal prescription is included in  1 or 2 week intervals. Herbal prescriptions are drop shipped via USPS  within days of your visit.This service is also available as 4 week email consultations. All consults must be conducted in spoken or written English.

Video guided instruction without diagnosis or herbs.
30 min

This service is provided for those who do not want a diagnosis or herbal medicine but would like to receive instruction on benefits of other Chinese Medical health modalities for self care (acupressure, moxibustion, guasha, dietary advice, and qi gong exercises) The process involves a hippa compliant teleVisit from any location worldwide and instruction lasts 1/2 hour.


Students (valid ID)/Seniors  (65+) discounted at $20 off listed price. Please note same day appointments are always full price.

We accept all major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), Apple Pay, Paypal, or Bitcoin.

 * Please allow additional time for initial visit.